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KY Open 2017

Kentucky Open Registration Form

2017 Kentucky Open, June 3-4

A Heritage Event

Location: Yussman Chess Center, Miraflores Center - 173 Sears Avenue, Lower Level Suite 079

Description: Sections: Open, U1800, U1400

Time Control: G90 d5

Prizes: Based on 50 players in 3 sections as follows:

Open: 400-200-100, X 100, A 100

U1800: 200-100, U1600 100

U1400: 125-75, U1000/unrated 50

Advance Registration: Mail entries to Randas Burns, 7715 Ashton Park Circle, Louisville, Ky 40228. Make checks out to "KCA". Or you can sign up online at click on "more options" and link will be there). All entries must be recieved by June 2nd.

Entry Fee: $45, $40 for anyone that played in 2016 Ky Open. If you sign up online $5 will be refunded at the door.

Onsite Registration: 8:00-9:30. Rds: Sat 10-2-5:30, Sun 9-2. KCA meeting between 4th and 5th round at 1:00.

Byes: Maximum two half-point byes, must commit before round 3. Bring clocks, boards and sets provided

Top 5 Ky adults invited to Ky Closed. Top 2 Junior players invited to Junior Closed

Questions about tournament: Randas Burns 502-500-7493, [email protected]

Congratulations To Our 2016 State Champions - Matt Hassen and Davis Whaley

Congratulations goes out to Matt Hassen and Davis Whaley for becoming co-state champions of the 2016 State Championship.

The bid for the title become heated after just three rounds as five players were in contention to win it all. Once the dust settled both Davis and Matt finished the event out with two wins each to tie for first with 3.5/5.

This makes for Davis nine straight titles and ten overall. For Matt this is his first state championship which puts him on a short list of Kentucky champions. Congratulations to both of these Lexington players!!

Michael Harris Wins Kentucky Junior Closed Championship!

Congratulations to Michael Harris for winning his first Junior Championship.

Michael dominated a tough field and went undefeated with 5 wins and no losses. There are big things in the future for this young player.

To see how our Junior Champion faired you may view our link below to the US Chess Cross Tables Section

Kentucky Closed Championship Cross Tables

Mayor Jim Gray declares May 26th 2016 as Rosa Parks Elementary Chess Club Day!

Mayor Jim Gray declares May 26th, 2016 to be Rosa Parks Elementary Chess Club Day for all of Lexington in celebration of Rosa Parks 6 State Team Championships, 8 top 3 finishes at state team, 4 individual state champions, and 2 top 25 finishes at the National Elementary Championship in the championship division...all in the past four years.  Special thanks to Mayor Jim Gray for taking the time to schmooze with the kids and make us all feel like big shots.  It was a special night and left a lot of folks feeling good about chess.

Crittenden County Finishes Big At Junior High Nationals!

Congratulations goes out to Crittenden County K-8 team for finishing 6th place at the Junior High Nationals in Indianapolis. The team finished 6th in the K-8 Under 1000 section after tieing for 5th place and winning 6th place on points. Outstanding performance Crittenden County and we look forward to watching you climb the ranks in the near future.
Team players and coaches are Chase Stevens, Skyler James, Cole Swinford, Gage Russell, Dominic Rorer, and Coach Don Winters

Congratulations To Our Newest Yussman Hall Of Fame Inductee!

KCA is proud to announce Larry Bell as the newest addition to the Yussman Hall of Fame.

Visit our our Yussman Hall of Fame webpage to learn more about Larry Bell and many more or Kentucky's great contributors to Kentucky Chess.

Weekend Tournaments Return To Louisville!

38 players showed up for the 1st weekend tnmt in Louisville in a long time. Thanks to the Yussman Chess Center for hosting and for agreeing to pay the advertised Prizes even though we were 2 short of the based on number of 40.

2 Hoosiers( I can here Wildcats booing and hissing!), Andy Porter and John Coffey tied for 1st with 3.5/4.0. They both won 3 games with Andy being nicked for a draw in Rd. 3 by fellow Hoosier Expert Josh Bousum  while Coffey`s half point came via a 1st Rd. BYE.

Class A money went to Randas Burns, Dale Pollitt(IN.) and James Lawson. Class B dollars was split by William Brooks(Henderson, KY.) and Harrison Broadhurst with 3.0/4.0. Ben Muncy and Daniel Rickert with 2.5/4.0 took C bucks. Daniel beat an 1800 and drew an 1844,a 1926 and a 1955 to jump about 150 pts! Class D/E went Garrett Silen and Andrew Adams.

Already cogitating about the next tnmt later this summer maybe. Stay tuned to this website and your issues of Chess Life! Thanks to all who came and hope to see more of you at the next tnmt.

2016 Blue Book Is Now Available

Caleb Marshall ties for first in USCF Grade Level National Championship !!!

Caleb Marshall, a kindergartner from Lexington Latin School, recently tied for first at the USCF National Grade Level Tournament with a 6 out of 7 score. 

Caleb went into the tournament as the highest rated player in the Kindergarten grade level. 

He is currently the reigning K-1 Kentucky state champion, a title he won last year as a pre-schooler at the Latin School. 

Caleb’s success has been aided by working with some great coaches, names familiar to Kentucky chess, Taylor Bagley and Davis Whaley. Excited to see what the future holds for this strong young player. 

SPF World Open in Memory of Steve Dillard

2015 SPF World Open for Boys & Girls to take place at the historic 4 diamond Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky!
November 20-22, 2015

Visit for additional information

Pictured to the left - Ryan Velez & Frank Niro along with state officials accompanying Susan Polgar to a tour of the Brown Hotel. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a bit jealous!

Congratulations To Our 2015 Kentucky Open Champions

The KCA would like to congratulate our new Junior State Champion, Chad Leonard, and our now 9-time State Champion, Davis Whaley on their dominating performances at this year's closed events.

Chad Leonard won all five of this games in the Junior Championship and won the section by a clear two points. If it is correct that he has graduated high school this year, let's hope that he'll continue to play. He has taken one step closer to becoming a chess expert.

Although there was a player that had to drop out, it didn't stop Davis from doing what he does best: dominating a Ky State Championship. He won all four games and with a full point bye also ended up with a perfect score. This makes nine state championships for him to this point. Even the water flooding the parking lot couldn't stop him. Davis also played in the Dayton Chess Club Futurity Event and the Aviator Open totaling 14 games in a week's time. With him nearing 2400 the sky's the limit for this player. Congrats to both of these tough champions.

Online Registration Now Available - 2015 Kentucky Open

The KCA now accepts online registration via PayPal services

Don't be the procrastinator - stay ahead of your opponents by making the first move! Visit our registration page

The KCA Deeply Regrets to Announce the Death of Mr. Kentucky Chess - Steve Dillard

Steve Dillard was not only a major pillar in the chess community, but a friend to us all. We are deeply saddened by the event and will continue to honor his legacy just as he would have wished.

Steve was a school teacher at Carrithers Middle School and a foster parent for troubled youth. Well known for his huge heart and known to lend a helping hand to those in need. Many of you may know Steve as the tournament director at Meijers and Bluegrass Magic Shop or the senior director as many of Kentucky's larger scholastic events. What you may of not known about Steve was that he is a Hall of Famer not only in Kentucky, but also at a national level. The USCF has awarded Steve with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some of the many incredible accomplishments include:
  • National Tournament Director
  • Ran over 1300+ tournaments
  • Ran over 4200+ sections 
  • Served KCA officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • A peak rating of 2000 USCF

We invite you to visit the KCA members forum to share your condolences or to learn about funeral arrangements as they become available.

Congratulations To Our 2015 Scholastic State Champions

The KCA proudly presents this years
Kentucky Scholastic State Champions

A name we know all too well within the KCA community has made his final debut as a scholastic and to no surprise he did not disappoint.
Congratulations Taylor Bagley our K12 champion!! Impressive as always and one we will be watching as he closes in on the title of Master.

Next up Vidu Dinal Godage and Garret Wright shown in the image to the left both score 4.5 to win the K8 division. We look forward to seeing these young competitors continue their triumphs as they move into the the next stages of competitive play.

Next up on our list of champions is Connor Zhang. Connor takes the K5 section by storm with a dominating 5.0 score against a very strong field. A strong enough finish to push his rating up 150 points - WOW.

Another 5.0 score comes from the K3 section. This champion is none other than Oliver Noth. If you don't know who Oliver Noth is yet then you will learn very soon. Oliver is known to take down players well beyond his years. I believe he may even become the youngest titled player in the state if he stays on course.

Last on our list, but certainly not least is our K1 Champion - Caleb Marshall. Caleb finishes 5.0 within the largest section of the event - 36 players.

Congratulations guys and keep up the great play and great sportsmanship!

Want to see this years results within the USCF crosstable? Click Here

2014-2015 Scholastic Chess Blue Book - Now Available

KCA invites you to visit our link page or open our friendly PDF document to see what's new in our revised Blue Book.

For everyone else -
Have some fun with our calculation puzzle!

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Practice Russian style with this fun exercise and remember to not use an engine or move any pieces on your board if you want to take the challenge

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