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The news just reported a Mike Anders from Albany KY died in a plane crash in Florida. Is the same Mike Anders that sold chess materials and used to run the tourney at Cin. Country day school. I know he did own his own plane

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"Jerry" Weldin
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It has hit the internet already with pictures etc. Mike will be sorely missed.

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This is terrible news.  I met Mike at the 2012 Kentucky Open and enjoyed several great phone conversations with him.  He was a resevoir of knowledge and even in my brief dealings with him, it was obvious that he was also a fantastic person.  I'm still in shock, as I'm certain many of you are.  Mike was going to vend at the 2013 Kentucky Open and also expressed an interest in serving on the KCA Board at some point in the future.  He was an asset to the KCA, a gentleman to everyone, and a likeable, energetic guy.  I'm remarkably disappointed to hear about this.


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Scott Noth
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We traveled to Dale Hollow State Park for Michael Anders' 5th annual Bulldog chess tournament, which was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. today, so we were planning on meeting him there this morning. We had been in contact with him through e-mail, and he said that he had a very new team, and encouraged us to come and play in the tournament. 

We are saddened by this tragic news, and regret that we lost the chance to meet him in person. 


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Allen Priest
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OH this is terrible news. Mike was a super person. Even when he was struggling with something he was pleasant and warm. I will miss him.

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Ken McDonald
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This is very sad news. Mike was at many tournaments attended by my son and I. He was always very pleasant and friendly. He and I played a game in Elizabethtown this summer. Mike will be missed. My condolences to his family.

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Stephen Dillard
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I was working Saturday evening when Boyd Johnson left a message on my phone of Mike's passing.  Sunday was a time of quiet contemplation of my experiences with this wonderful person.  We first met when Mike was teaching at Evansville Day School.  Over those first few years in our relationship we co-directed many events in Evansville.  Still using pairing cards, we had hundreds of players in the events.  Often I would stay with Mike and his wife in their home after a tough Saturday tournament.  It was a warm friendly place.  We had great conversation, food, and fellowship.

Mike moved on to Cincinnati Day School.  There again he established a wonderful club and many events.  In Cincinnati, Mike was a key person in the start of the Queen City Classic.  This is now one of the largest non-national events for students in the country.  We co-directed the first Queen City. 

Three times we planned to fly to National events together but were stopped by weather.  Each time we met and drove to Atlanta, to Nashville and to Little Rock.  Talking and laughing we shared many stories. 

Then came Mike's move to Kentucky.  He began establishing a chess club here.  I never had the opportunity to play in one of his events here.  But we continued to talk at events such as the Kentucky Open when he vended there.  He stayed at my home over last year's Kentucky Open.  We had a great dinner and talked long into the night.

An Associate National TD, a gift to chess, a friend are words describing Mike.  Outgoing, knowledgeable, a teacher, a world traveller, these were Mike.  I celebrate the time that I spent with him.  I will miss him. 

Peak Rating 1774.  According to his player history has a win over a 2200.  Mike worked 393 events and was Chief Tournament Director for 176 events.  He also vended at hundreds of events across America.

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I've known Mike for at least 10 years but never really talked to him much until the past couple of years. He was a well travelled man indeed. He always used to tell me that he loved played dominoes and that when he flew to Jamaica those guys gave him the best game. He was friendly, knowledgeble, and well respected in the community. He sold chess equipment for as long as I've known him and spoke six languages fluently.

He was one of the most unique individuals I have ever met and he will be sorely missed. My condolences go out to his family.


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Mike Williams
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It's a great loss for all of us in Albany, but especially the chess club.  He was in the process of building something special.

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Wayne C Bell
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I will miss Mike.   For more see Michael Anders .

Wayne Bell

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I spoke with the TLA submissions department of USCF, and they have kindly agreed to offer FREE event listings to anyone willing to organize a Mike Anders Memorial Tournament.


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